It’s all work. And results.

For years now we have enjoyed working with some of the most prestigious companies in the Greek market. Our versatile senior stuff is ready to deliver and help your product gain the place it deserves. And don’t forget. Our best work is our next.

You name it, we design it.

No job is too small for us when it comes to design. From a simple sticker to designing a marketing campaign 2yolk is the man, and woman, for the job. Our design experience is showcased here for you. Everything happened after a good brief and a unique idea, also a Logo Umbrella Printing can enhance your branding presence with huge printing area on its panels.

We’ll give you a branding that you won’t forget.

And no one else for that matter. Aiming for the best results, we use our expertise to create brands that customers can relate to, and stand the test of time.

AB Vasilopoulos \ Retail Stores

Acron Genomics \ Nanotechnology company

Alassia New Ships Management Inc. \ Shipping company

Amnesty International \ Global movement for human rights

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. \ Emerging biopharmaceutical company

Antipollution \ Environmental protection services

Apasxolisi.gr \ Online recruitment agency

Bingo \ Greek Confectionery Products Manufacturers and Suppliers

Biofresh \ NFC juice processors and exporters

Bioger \ Cosmetics distributors

Cee \ Electrical supplier

Centrum Research \ Strategic Marketing Research

Citizen in deed \ Voluntary organization

Creta Farm \ Greek cold cuts company

Chillbox \ Greek frozen yogurt chain stores

Chios Fruits \ Juice processors and exporters

Dakos \ Cretan food restaurant chain

Danone \ Fresh diary products

Direction \ Publishing company

Dodoni \ Greek Ice cream manufacturers

Electrica \ Electrical supplier

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) \ International charity organization

F.L. Clover Consultants \ Consulting organization

Green \ Greek Environmental & Energy Network

Henkel \ Laundry & Home Care

Ideal Strom \ Matress manufacturers

Iso Plus \ Nutritional Supplements

Kalas Group \ Food Manufacturers

Kafsis \ Animal waste management services

L’Artigiano \Italian food – Delivery chain

Ministry of transport & communications \ Public sector

Molecular Vision \ Biology & genetics in vision research

Municipality of Elefsina \ Festival  “Aisxylia”

Nikas \ Greek cold cuts company

On’nUp \ Reputation Management

Okaa \ Athens central market organization

Pakohart \ Import & export packaging paper

Peri Atmou \ Ironing services company

Ploes Oceanic Maritime Inc. \ Shipping company

Proastiakos S.A. \ Suburban railway

Ready to print \ Ink supplier

Safe Bulkers \ Shipping company

Tottis Foods International \ Snacks production company

Trainose \ Greek railways

Tram \ Public transportation

United International Pictures \ Film distribution company

3Elements \ Food styling company